• Hello, FOG was previously controlling our school district and we had a historic flood that destroyed our central office including all our servers that fog was installed on and active directory. The problem we are having now is that we have to rebuild everything and the person who implemented this is no longer with our district! I’m am an IT person for the district and I need to know is it possible to use Fog without active directory because it’d be a min before we get all that back up or is there a command script that will completely uninstall fog. The problem is all of our computers are joined to domain so teachers have to unplug Ethernet, log in, then plug it back up and it’s getting vey frustrating! I need help rebuilding the fog server and if we can use it for deployment only without using active directory for the time being would really help!

  • Moderator

    FOG works perfectly fine without Active Directory, it’s how we use it here all the time.