• i have fog 1.2.0, installed and work fine for all computers , yesterday i was trying to register a Dell power-edge 2950 server
    the booting from NIC passed and started to register the host; but it keeps telling me “transmit timeout”
    please help

  • thanks guys for replay i was really busy to follow up the post
    i will provide a photo soon as i restart the server next time

  • Moderator

    @saif As Wayne already said we need more information. This seems to be a new or hopefully special hardware issue with your power edge server. Please post a picture so we see where this is actually happening.

    As well please try using a mini switch connected between the client and your main switch to see if the problem goes away with that.

  • @saif We need more details.

    What works and what doesn’t? In other words, exactly where does this error happen? A picture is worth a thousand words…