SOLVED Small text display bug image capture

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    Hi, I noticed a small text display bug while capturing an UEFI w10 image.


    It displays the The protective MBR’s 0XEE Partition is oversized! Auto-repairing several times.

    No big deal, of course, just thought it might be something to put on the long to do list 😉

  • For what it’s worth. I don’t think this is a bug really. The message you’re seeing is coming from an error of another program. I can redirect all the output, but sometimes I think having these bits of information can help more readily than hinder actions.

  • @Quazz There is the possibility.

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    @Tom-Elliott This is a capture of a VM with a fixed size disk of ~30GB (about 25 filled I believe?). I haven’t touched partition layout or anything, but perhaps it’s because of the snapshot?

  • That’s normally an indicator there’s a problem with the GPT layout forcing onto a smaller drive than it’s able to work with.
    For example.

    If the GPT layout was on a 10gb disk and the image is 8gb. Then you place the 10gb disk layout on a disk that’s 5GB, the messages you saw would show up. Of course we need mroe details I suppose.