Fog Server Fog Account password resets every trunk upgrade

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    Hello all,
    This is not an urgent issue as I have a band-aid fix for this at the time being. I have a script that updates FOG trunk every night at 3am automatically. It works great, but one thing I do not like about it is that the FOG installer resets the FOG account password every time it updates. Learning from my mistakes from an earlier thread, I use a separate FogAdmin account to work on the server while leaving the built in FOG account alone. This works great except since the password changes every update and I update every day, it hoses up FTP stuff. For example, when I go to upload an image, it works perfectly until it tries to update the changes to the database. It throws an authentication (invalid password) error and tries a few more times before finally resetting and trying to upload again. My band-aid fix is to manually change the FOG account password to match my FTP password on the GUI. This works until it updates again. I believe FOG sets a random password every upgrade, so there isn’t an easy way to have it match up on the GUI. I can post the content of the script if anyone wants it, I modified one that I found in a past post in the forums. Please let me know if you need more info/don’t understand my wall of text :)


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    @Tom-Elliott @ch3i I changed it to my password. Thanks, I was thinking there was something like that, just didn’t know where.


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    @fry_p Yes. It’s referenced during the installation/upgrade process.

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    @ch3i , I do see a setting for a password. Is this file retained/referenced during the install? If so, this can work. I know it isn’t good practice to put it right there in plaintext, but unless there is a fancy way to encrypt it, I’d be ok with doing that.


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    @fry_p Hi, Have you check the .fogsettings in /opt/fog ? It’s used during the upgrade.

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