Fog Client Download Page missing after Trunk 7342

  • Testers

    Hi all,
    I just updated to the latest trunk Git 7342 hoping it would solve a problem I was having with the new fog client authenticating on a Windows 10 client (error in log stating that there is an invalid host certificate, but that’s a separate issue). I went to download the fresh client after the trunk upgrade and I’m getting a HTTP: 500 error on Internet explorer and a blank page on Chrome and Firefox. I’m thinking this was either an error by me or a bug in the latest trunk. Any help would be appreciated. I can make a separate post for the certificate error if it is still an issue after updating.


  • Testers

    Thank you, I updated and the client is back. However, I am still unable to get the service working due to that same “invalid host certificate error”. I will start a new thread for that.

  • Developer

    Fixed already, please upgrade to the latest…

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