Connecting remotely to imaged computer

  • Once I have deployed my image I need to connect remotely to the PC in order to join it to the Domain, apply group policy etc…

    I am able to ping the imaged PC but cannot connect Via Dameware to it.

    Is there any reason why? I have checked Windows firewall is off.

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    @Tom-Elliott @ChrisRaff That usually depends on the contents of the unattend file (assuming one is being used). Using the Fog client for domain joins would probably resolve this issue, assuming there is a group policy in place to disable the firewall or modify settings so that your remote management software would be able to connect.

  • @ChrisRaff Because you’re sysprepping, doesn’t that re-enable the firewalls?

  • Start of with clean install of Windows 7, Install Office 2013

    Apply all updates

    Clean System, remove Windows update files, clear temp folder and also Internet History

    I then use my unattend file to do sysprep. (same one as always been used)

    As I said the image deploys fine and creates the local admin account but still I cannot connect remotely.

    I thought it was because the company proxy details had been missed out from IE but I have input this manually but to no effect

    Joined PC to domain manually but still cannot connect remotely

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  • How are your images prepared?