DHCP problem when downloading multiple computers

  • Hello,

    when i’m deploying an image saved on the fog server to client computers, i got some problems.

    For example, if i’m deploying an image to 10post, only some post (like 3 maybe) will get DHCP. All other computers won’t get DHCP as long as the 3 computers downlading the image have not finished to download.

    And then i have to restart a new fog task on the others computers.

    I don’t know why my computers can’t get DHCP when im downloading an image.
    Even if im downloading an image on 2 computers, only 1 will have DHCP and get the image. The other one won’t get DHCP and i will have to restart the task.

    Thanks for helping (and sorry for my english!)

  • Moderator

    @Sunks said:

    they should all get DHCP during the PXE boot…

    Definitely if your network setup is fine. Maybe give us some more information. Spanning tree? VLANs? Clients in different subnets?

    As well, please let us know which errors you see on the clients when they fail to PXE boot! Post a picture or send us the exact error code you see.

  • It’s fog 1.2.0, and it was unicast.

    Because i had to download different image on different PC, so i can’t do a multicast for that, right ?

    But even if it’s unicast, it should work for like 3 computers, they should all get DHCP during the PXE boot

  • What kind of task are you setting up? What version of FOG are you running?