AD Join/Hostname changer not working

  • Running Ubuntu 14.04, FOG Trunk 7252.

    Have set Active directory settings in FOG Configuration. I put plain text password into the field for the new client, and the encrypted FOGCrypt password for the legacy client (I do not have any legacy clients out there though).

    After an image, the computer never joins the domain. If I try to rename the computer in FOG, the computer never restarts to change the name.

    Not sure what’s going on, but I have noticed that the new client AD password is different on every host that I look at. I know it is encrypted, but the encrypted password is different for every host. The legacy password is always the same. Is this normal? Doesn’t make sense to me why the password would be different for each host.

  • Testers

    A cool little way I track what is going on for the clients when that is happening (That @Tom Elliott showed me )

    Open powershell and type: get-content -wait C:\fog.log (or wherever you have the log stored.)

    this will let you see what it is doing while it is doing it. Depending on the error it can lead you in the right direction.

  • Senior Developer

    @Scott-Adams each host has its own copy of the AD password, and each one is encrypted with AES, where the same message can have different encrypted outputs (this is because of a unique initialization vector). As for the client not working, I would need to see a log file of one of the hosts which doesn’t work to help further.