The 1 minute image deployment

  • This image was CentOS 7 minimal, fully updated as of April 2016. Using FOG Trunk r7286. Network is 1Gbps capable, target hardware was an old Optiplex 760 with a SATA II mechanical HDD.

    FOG was running inside of a VM with 2 cores assigned, and 512MB RAM. It was running on a VM host that also hosts 3 other VMs, each with 2 cores assigned and 512MB RAM. The VM host hardware is an Optiplex 380 with a Core 2 Duo and SATA II mechanical HDD.

    0_1461510913000_1 minute image.png

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    @Wayne-Workman Great video. Yeah, your image size isn’t large enough to find the standard transfer rates. Just as the transfer settles down its done. (not a bad thing). In our virtual environment we can pull a sustained 6-7GB transfer rate. That is with a VM with 2 vCPU and 2GB of RAM running on a 24 core processor. But again as long as the server can move the image from disk to net pretty quick, all of the heavy lifting is done by the client. On a e6410 with a HDD we can get no more than 4.5GB/min exchanging that HDD with SSD increases the transfer to 6.1GB/min on the same hardware.

    Just for comparison, when I was working with that intel NUC as the FOG server. That dual core celeron with an 256GB SSD was able to transfer at 5GB/min to a e6410 with a SSD. So really the FOG server isn’t the key to deployment speed. It more compression used and target computer performance.

    But either way FOG is darn impressive that it can wake the computer up and deploy a new image in under 3 minutes. With that you could almost reimage a whole computer lab {between classes} at any school system. That is impressive.

  • However, at work with enterprise grade server hardware, 1Gbps catalyst switches, and mechanical SATA III HDDs with core i5s in the target hosts, my burst transfer speeds are 12GB/min and can sustain at about 7GB ish /min

  • @george1421 Don’t remember. I’ll re-deploy and just go take a quick video of it.

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    Sorry for the 20 questions, what was did the clients GB/min transfer.

    A one minute deployment is great. I’m just trying to compare it to my current environment. Plus your VM environment is not enterprise grade and you have over provisioned the vCPUs. So those numbers you’re seeing are great.

  • @george1421 It was a whopper… 😄
    0_1461511514976_1 minute image size.png

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    The only thing missing was, how big was the image size?