Another possibility to export storage on Windows ?

  • Hi Fog community,

    due to all my problems with NFS storage node hosted on windows … , here is another possibility that i try to use now: i defined a local directory as nfs export on fog vm, then i exported it with cifs on external windows machine.

    in /etc/exports
    /srv/cifs/GSBDAT01/images (with same parameters than default)
    /srv/cifs/GSBDAT01/images/dev (with same parameters than default)

    in /etc/fstab
    // /images2 cifs credentials=/etc/cifs/GSBDAT01.credentials

    i’ve installed cifs-utils, copied .mntcheck files on my external server.
    EDIT: i did chmod 777 on /images2 directory too
    On fog webui, i defined a storage node with ip on /images2, user and password are same as default storage.

    When i boot on pxe and try to upload an image, it don’t work…
    Failed to mount NFS volume, block on mounting on /images , CONNECTION REFUSED

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help, thats my school project, and i’ve same issues in my company 😞

  • @Wayne-Workman

    I tried to follow this procedure 3 or 4 times, it never worked… 😞
    i got blocked when trying to access /images2, IO error everytime!

    So i wanna try everything else to export fog storage…

  • @arnaudrigole I’m sure. But you can build a storage node from windows without mounting anything from it to the fog server. Read through this:

    Also look at Georges earlier post, it’s filled with good stuff.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Thanks for your help, are you sure than its impossible to exports a directory already exported?

    I run FOG version 1.2, not trunk

    I need windows because its the only possibility of storage in my company, and my school project requirements are : 2 differents operating systems, so i choosed fog on linux for deployment and Windows for storage.

  • Moderator

    This is not exactly on point of your post: I did start writing a tutorial on setting up a windows 2012 server as a storage node here:

    I ran into an issue where the master FOG server was trying to make http calls to the storage windows storage node and it was failing (because it wasn’t running apache and php code). Tom made some changes to the code a while back that would make it fall back to the ftp checks of the web pages where not available.

    I was pretty close with my testing, but I ran out of time to complete the tutorial before a big project kicked off at my work. There was some specific settings I needed to have set in the nfs share to have linux mount it correctly. I did everything in powershell so it could be easily duplicated without the go here, click this, check that workflow.

  • With an error like “Connection Refused”, Permissions is all that comes to my mind. It’s either that or it just won’t work. In Linux, you cannot export a directory that is already exported. The kernel just won’t do it.

    We don’t know what version of FOG your on. In the latest FOG Trunk, the senior developer added some functionality that should allow for a full Windows storage node. Maybe if I find time I can update our article on it. #wiki worthy.

    Other than that, why does it have to be Windows? If you don’t want your VM platform filled up with images, just build a bare-metal Linux box and make it into a FOG Storage Node.