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    i use fog to do images. Now i want to a multicast switch. Which hardware do i need? any ideas? We ha
    ve a DHCP Server with 32 Clients.

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  • @Tom-Elliott said in Which Multcast switch i need:

    @ch3i I think asking the networking guys (as well) would also be a good idea.


    I don’t know how you make 32 clients work with a 24 port switch.

    The switch doesn’t even matter so much. Different amounts of money will get you different performance - but we only know of 1 switch on the entire market that doesn’t work with FOG currently, and it’s a Cisco small business switch.

  • @ch3i I think asking the networking guys (as well) would also be a good idea.

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    @tabea If you have no vlan a basic 24p switch is ok. If you want to be sure, ask your sales assistant.

  • thank you, for your answers.
    i need a 24 port .do you know netgear or ibt hp ? How do i know which swich is compatible ? we have no vlan.
    thank you for help

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    From a multicasting standpoint, if you are trying to multicast within a single broadcast domain (vlan) then most switches will work today. If you are trying to multicast across subnets or vlans then you will need a managed switch.

    How is your network organized? If its flat (one subnet without vlans) then you should be OK to multicast. If you have subnets/vlans/ or want the multicast stream to cross a router then you will need a bit more.

  • @tabea The best option would be a 1Gbps Cisco 48 port catalyst switch. These are top of the line switches, and a 48 port will leave room for growth.

    A cheaper alternative would be a 1Gbps 48 port D-Link, however these are far lower power switches and have no management. They are basically dumb switches and they do not scale well.

    As a comparison, if a POE device becomes unresponsive and needs reset, you can turn off/on a Catalyst port remotely. You cannot do this with a D-Link. That’s just the beginning of the limitations, there are possibly an infinite number of limitations when you choose D-Link over Catalyst.