Change what DNS and DHCP server IP Fog is using. This is after fog has been setup.

  • During install it ask for DNS for DHCP. My question is once fog is installed how do you change this to point to the correct DHCP server. In my case I am using a windows server to provide DHCP. I set the ip during install but for some reason it is pointing to a different DHCP ip address.

  • We need more details. What is the FOG server’s IP? What is the DHCP server’s IP? What is options 066 and 067 set to? Can you give a photo of the errors your seeing?

    And I do believe that fog SVN version 5196 is the latest FOG Trunk version as of April 5th, 2016!

  • I am using Fog 1.2.5196 I do not want the new trunk version 7220 as it don’t have the items I like in the stable version.
    I have the DHCP settings in Windows server in 66 and 67 but it keeps trying to point to the incorrect IP address.
    I am using Ubuntu server 14.04.03
    I do not see the options for fog to point the ip to the correct IP of my DHCP server in /etc/network/interfaces. I just have my Fog server ip address settings in there and DNS nameservers, no DHCP.

  • If FOG isn’t running DHCP, then there are no DHCP settings to change on the FOG server besides to use DHCP or not. If it’s utilizing DHCP - its taking whatever offer comes in first from whatever DHCP server. This is not specific to FOG, this is how all devices that use DHCP work.

    If your wanting to change what DNS server the FOG server is actually using, that’d be in your interface’s configuration file. On red hat/fedora/centOS that is in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-interface and on Debian/Ubuntu it’s in /etc/network/interfaces

    However, if your utilizing DHCP on the fog server, the DNS settings are normally specified by the DHCP server.

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    While I can’t answer your exact question. I can say that when setting up fog I’ve never provided this information to the fog installer.

    You didn’t mention the version of FOG you installed? Did you install FOG 1.2.0 stable or the trunk version of fog? If you don’t understand trunk version then you installed fog 1.2.0 stable.

    If this is a new FOG install, I’m going to recommend to the trunk version of FOG (pre 1.3.0) if you plan on deploying to EFI (UEFI) systems, current hardware, WIndows 10, or GPT disks. The trunk version (while a bit unstable, meaning updated frequently) is well worth the effort. FOG 1.2.0 is almost 3 years old and doesn’t support uefi or gpt disks very well.

    The point of that log explanation is that upgrading to the trunk version, it will ask you (or give you a chance) to change those settings you mentioned. Those settings (on the trunk build) are saved in /opt/fog/.fogsettings

    Back on point, is there something specific that is not working with your install of FOG?