Customized Hardware Inventory?

  • Is it possible to customize the information reported on the hardware inventory feature? I’ve been utilizing Fog 0.32 for the past 4 years, and haven’t yet migrated to 1.x. I’ve used this feature on a limited basis, and now would like to capture a slew of relevant information on the computers I’m imaging. I noticed I can capture the processor, memory, and hard drive serial number but would like to capture additional information such as the hard drive capacity, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, etc.

  • You may be able to do what you want using snapins and a 3rd party tool.

  • Moderator

    @SoundofDisaster Adding more inventory info would involve a lot of work (add DB fields in table, adjust PHP code and shell scripts - the full set). Unfortunately it’s no easily customizable!

    Just about a week ago we found out that since 1.2.0 and possibly earlier we had a bug in FOG that cleared the hard drive inventory information on deploy!! Very sad that nobody noticed for such a long time. It’s now fixed. So I highly recommend looking into FOG trunk if you inventory information is important to you!

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    There has been advancements in inventory since 0.32. But it will not collect what I think you want. The inventory part read through the DMI tables to collect certain bits of hardware information. But this info is only used for imaging. The info available via DMI is details about the bios, motherboard, baseboard, CPU, and installed memory.

    If you want to collect more intelligent information then you could use something like Spiceworks or OCS.

    For FOG 2.0 they are working on (from what I understand) a much more detailed inventory process that may give you insight to the driver level. But that is 1-2 years off yet.