SOLVED "choose snapin name" when snapin too large - Trunk 7017

  • Moderator

    Not a big bug, but I’ve noticed if you try and upload a snapin that’s too large, it doesn’t report that error. Instead it just says “please choose a name”.

    Would be better if it says “snapin too large, please increase max file size”.

    OR maybe just increase the upload size for the php.ini file as part of the shell install script? 100M is too small… 3000M is probably a good sweet spot.

  • @andyroo54 I’ve added error checking for getting the $_FILES[‘blah’][‘error’]

    The problem, in the case of too large a file chosen, is it completely blows away ALL $_POST/$_FILES variables as blank. This is why it’s reporting the “blank name”.

    Unfortunately there’s not much I can do to fix that.

    I have also added the suggested 3g limit instead of 100 megs. Of course, it won’t change this if your values have been set to other the the 8m (post_max_size) and 2m (upload_max_filesize).

  • Moderator

    @andyroo54 There actually is an upload error return code UPLOAD_ERR_INI_SIZE that we could check. Not sure if @Tom-Elliott has looked into this already.