Windows 8.1 - Boot from hard disk on FOG menu failed

  • On client computer Lenovo C20-05, boot on FOG menu works, BUT
    If we choose ‘Boot on hard disk’, boot sequence failed :

    • with Priority UEFI First : multiple beeps, blinking cursor on left corner of black screen, hang definitively
    • with Priority Legacy First : One beep only, blinking cursor on left corner of black screen, hang definitively

    To solve this problem, we have only this workaround :

    • reboot the computer
    • interrupt network boot by pressing esc
    • Windows OS boot up normaly

    Any suggestion to solve this problem without this wotraround ?

    BIOS : Lenovo 10/22/2014 block version 1.29**

    1. Boot sequence
    • Network1
    • SATA1
    • USB FDD
    1. Boot Parameter (Value in bold is selected in our case)
    • CSM : Enabled / Disabled
    • Boot Mode : Auto / UEFI Only / Legacy Only
    • Boot Priority : Legacy First / UEFI First
    • Quick boot : Disabled / Enabled

    OS is windows 8.1 Family, UEFI mode

    FOG Server 1.2 Beta revision 1007 from yesterday

  • @GreenItSolutions Does the disk actually have an OS installed on it? What format is the system booting in? EFI, BIOS, some alternate config I’m completely unaware of?

  • Senior Developer

    @GreenItSolutions Tested the “Host EFI Exit Type” in host settings as well?? Please give us more details. What exactly happens with the different exit types? “Does not work” is an inappropriate answer!

  • We have test all configuration parameter for “Exit to Hard Drive Type”
    None of all works

  • Choose a different exit type on the Host.
    You can select different exit types for legacy and efi.

    Sanboot will likely not work (which is most likely what it’s using now.)

    I’d recommend using “exit” type.