TFTP sub directories not being created

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    Upgrading to the latest (6901) I noticed that the two sub dirs ‘efi-i386’ and ‘pxelinux.cfg’ won’t be created in /tftpboot when running the installer because of a screwed check. And even if the check was alright still ‘pxelinux.cfg’ would not be created properly because the awk foo removed the ‘.cfg’ and I ended up with ‘/tftpboot/pxelinux/’… here is a patch proposal (only tested on debian so far):

    diff --git a/lib/common/ b/lib/common/
    index f44598f..313ff6a 100755
    --- a/lib/common/
    +++ b/lib/common/
    @@ -443,9 +443,8 @@ configureTFTPandPXE() {
         [[ -d $tftpdirdst && ! -d ${tftpdirdst}.prev ]] && mkdir -p ${tftpdirdst}.prev >>$workingdir/error_logs/fog_error_${version}.log 2>&1
         [[ -d ${tftpdirdst}.prev ]] && cp -Rf $tftpdirdst/* ${tftpdirdst}.prev/ >>$workingdir/error_logs/fog_error_${version}.log 2>&1
         cd $tftpdirsrc
    -    tftpdirs=$(find ! -path . ! -path .. -type d | awk -F[./] '{print $3}')
    -    for tftpdir in $tftpdirs; do
    -        [[ ! -d $tftpdir ]] && mkdir -p $tftpdirdst/$tftpdir >>$workingdir/error_logs/fog_error_${version}.log 2>&1
    +    for tftpdir in $(ls -d */); do
    +        [[ ! -d $tftpdirdst/$tftpdir ]] && mkdir -p $tftpdirdst/$tftpdir >>$workingdir/error_logs/fog_error_${version}.log 2>&1
         local findoptions=""
         [[ $notpxedefaultfile == true ]] && findoptions="! -name default"

  • Senior Developer

    I was able to confirm the issue of the sub directories not being created and after making the proposed suggestions the installer did indeed create the pxelinux.cfg and i386-efi folders. This issue was present on both Ubuntu and Fedora.

    I’m marking this as solved.

  • Senior Developer

    Edited as suggested.

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