• Hi there guys,

    we want to deploy windows 10 this year in our school.
    FOG is working great but we got 2 problems.

    The first big problem is the inlog time.
    We are working with no roaming profiles & with faronics deepfreeze. Everybody can login with his login in our Active Directory & every login , windows create again his local user on that computer.

    We can’t working with roaming profiles because it would took to mutch space on our Hard Drives.
    Problem now , the first windows 10 login is taking so long. And if all students need to wait so long to login , we can’t go to windows 10.

    But we want to step over to w10 with our Windows 2016 server.
    So anyone an idea how to reduce the first login time?

    I disabled w10 login animation & i tried an default profile. But i’m not getting it done.
    I know there are many people on this forum that are great on IT so i hope u guys can help me.

    Thanks ,

  • ALSO, I’d like to introduce some terminology I’ve coined. 🙂

    CUNU - Computer that the User has Never Used before…

    Example - “This is a CUNU login, that’s why this is happening.”

    and of course, the opposite…

    Non-CUNU - Computer that the user has used before.

  • The OP problem is something I’ve studied intensely for the last two years - both through extensive research and article reading - and my own benchmarks and studies.

    Group Policy is one culprit, and Bufferbloat in a not-well-tuned WiFi system that doesn’t implement any fair-queuing is the other culprit.

    For Group Policy, there are two things that impact login speeds more than anything else. Map Drives and Printers.

    Of course, if software installation is happening on computers with HDD locking software installed, that’s a no brainer as well.

    You should look into the use of a default profile. I’ve not attempted creating one for Windows 10 yet, but I will here soon just as part of my job.

    Coincidentally, my school district used to use Faronics deepfreeze. We also used their antivirus and some other solutions they have. We ditched them because of all the problems we had with their support and products.

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    I know this answer won’t help.

    The snarky side of me says to ditch win10 and move to linux (Zorin). That is the only way MS will get the hint to quit making things hard for the users.

  • @george1421

    I know but this is so anoying that we can’t find an solution.

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    This isn’t a FOG related issue, but a windows 10 (joy!!) issue.

    There was a recent thread on Spiceworks that talked about this exact issue.