• It would be nice to be able to restrict FOG users from certain pages or tasks. At the moment, restricting them from web access entirely is good, but it would be better to block access to, for example, the FOG Configuration page or images page.

    A step further would be doing this on a user-group basis.

  • If your DB and PHP talented, and in order to prevent a re-write of the web GUI in full, I’d suggest creating MySQL users for each actual fog user, and only give certain actions permissions to certain tables, and switch over what MySQL credentials are being used right after login. I’d even say the mysql Credentials used for logging in could be restrictive as well to just logging in.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I didn’t know that plugin did that! Awesome. I’ll give that a try.

  • Senior Developer

    @moses Have you looked into the plugins yet? I am not exactly sure if this is working correctly right now, but there is a accesscontrol plugin. Start by activating the plugin system in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings. Then you can see a new symbol in the dashboard (plugins)…