SOLVED New Windows 7 Image will not boot

  • Hi there,
    I’m new to FOG. I managed to set up and configure a server with the documentation on the wiki (very helpful and detailed!!) and just successfully uploaded an image. However I just deployed that image and now I can’t get the deployed image to boot, here’s my problem and what I did before hand:

    I captured an image of a Dell Laptop, then deployed that image to a different model dell laptop and now that different model dell laptop will not boot. I assume it’s some kind of driver issue since i didn’t run sysprep or FOGprep beforehand. Any way to salvage this image or do I have to start over again?

  • @Wayne-Workman So in order for me to make an image that will work on both of these laptops I’ll have to start over and install all of the drivers for the new laptop on the computer that I’m taking the image of right? So technically once all those drivers are installed, I’ll capture the image and I should be able to deploy it to the other laptop right? Any additional steps or just install those drivers?

  • Moderator

    I would think a better test is to capture an image on one model and deploy the image to the same model but different computer. This would rule out a driver issue.

    The typically image deployment process starts with MDT to create your reference image. You would include all drivers in this reference image for your deployment fleet or install the correct drivers post imaging with FOG. But anyway once your reference image is built in MDT, then sysprep the image and shut it down. Then pxe boot the reference image and capture it with fog. Then deploy the image using fog.

  • @frankcaputo The image isn’t lost. It’s probably a good image for the model of computer that you captured the image from. In order to make hardware independent images, you need to provide to Windows all the drivers necessary for all hardware the image will ever go onto. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but it can be done. And sysprep isn’t necessary to make a hardware independent image either. You can find some material in the forums about that. But the easy way is sysprep.

    FogPrep is totally un-needed, and obsolete. You don’t ever have to use it now.

    But, before doing anything major like building a new image - maybe just check to see if the firmware settings are the same on both machines? Maybe ensure both are in BIOS mode or both are in UEFI mode, make sure HDD operation modes are the same? Simple things. Also, maybe try to boot the other laptop with the network cable disconnected?