Virtualize FOG Server in OpenVZ Container using Proxmox VE 2.1

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    anyone on here visualized their FOG box with Open VZ? I’m thinking to use a container with Proxmox VE 2.1 on my Dell Poweredge 2850 (no VT Support)

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  • I have mine running in VMware and it runs great. As for VZ/Proxmox i have not tried this virtual software.

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    In regards to the Wiki, I believe you need to message the Dev Blackout. As you said this was done to stop the spammers.

    As for open VZ/Proxmox VE I still haven’t got around to testing moving my FOG machine to a VM. Soon Hopefully.

  • Hi Falko,

    I’ve started to try and get this working, however I find there is a lot of obsolete information in wiki ( regarding the issues encountered (I can’t find how to register on the wiki to make changes - looks like this has now been disabled because of spammers).

    I am trying to migrate an existing physical fog server to an openvz container. I’m using a Dell 2900 server with Ubuntu 12.04 container.

    Openvz is supposed to now support a NFS server - see under title “Kernel NFS Server”

    I’d performed these steps and now fog is happy to install (rather than previous NFS complaints during install).

    I still have problems with NFS connecting properly when imaging so still working on finding a resolution for that - so I think this now becomes an openvz problem. I can connect to NFS from HOST or VM on same server (needs -o nolock to connect) so I think this might be an openvz locking issue.

    PS: Please let me know if you solved this anyway and how.

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