SOLVED Fog Version: 5864 Duration Inaccuracy

  • Version: 5864(Cloud Number)

    When in Report Managment -> Imaging Log I noticed an issue looking at image Duration. When images take more than one day to the next for example an image starts and is finished 2 days later the duration calculator only compares the times when they are one day and then the next.

    Attached is an image showing machines started on 1/15 and ending on 1/17 taking only 12:59 hours. Which would be accurate except that they don’t account for the entire day of 1/16 a full 24 hours where it was imaging. You can see above and below that duration is working correctly for same day and next day imaging. 0_1455129091290_Fog Duration Error.PNG

  • I’ve updated the code that handles the duration information and this should now be displayed in simple text format.

  • Have you thought to try updating first?

  • Moved to bug reports. Thanks for reporting - the devs will take a look when they can.