Installer failing for fresh installation -svn 4730

  • Moderator

    I just rebuilt my home fog server using Fedora 23 minimal - fully updated. the remi repo is not installing, and it’s causing all the packages that are supposed to be installed to fail.

    Here’s some of the errors from the error log:

    cat /root/svn/trunk/bin/error_logs/fog_error_6124.log 
    grep: /opt/fog/.fogsettings: No such file or directory
    Error: Unknown repo: 'remi'
    package is not installed
    Error: Unknown repo: 'remi'

    After I installed the remi repo using the below command, it worked fine.
    dnf install

  • Senior Developer

    This should be fixed. I know it’s been a while in the making, but hey, trying to catch up on bugs and report their solved states more accurately.

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