SOLVED Adding Network Printers

  • I’m fairly new to FOG and am having some issues with printer management. Currently we are adding in networked shared printers to a users computer after we have imaged it. Instead I would like to make groups of different sites and add the network share printers to the users through FOG. I’m currently testing and have come across an issue.


    As of right now I have only been able to get two printers to show up out of the four I have tried to add. I have double checked the spelling and made sure the printers were online. I am able to add them manually threw windows so I am not quit sure what the issue is.

    0_1453924057219_fog user data.PNG

    The above FOG-user log is showing communication with all four printer names but they will not show up. Global Printer management is set to on so I know that is no the issue.

    0_1453924305147_print mngr.PNG

    The default printer select is also incorrect. If you have any information or suggestions please help.


  • I seem to have solved my own issue. The printers were not adding to my account but they were added to the local admin setup account. When I removed them from the admin account and did a reboot the printers were then added to my account. Thanks for the help tho.

  • @Jbob said:

    @Wayne-Workman the tool is for Local Printers (TCP/IP), not print server ones.


  • @Jbob

    Thanks for the fast reply. This isn’t a very pressing issue so just get to it when you can.

  • Senior Developer

    @jonathancomputer My initial guess is that it’s caused by the printer name on the computer not matching the Printer Alias. I will need to do some tests to confirm this though.

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    @Wayne-Workman the tool is for Local Printers (TCP/IP), not print server ones.

  • There’s a tool to help with this created by @Jbob. I’d really like to see it added, @Tom-Elliott