SOLVED Updating Root Password

  • If I update the root password on Ubuntu, what do I need to update in Fog? Needless to say I have attempted and had to revert my changes

  • @george1421 The edit, if the password field is not already set, in the fogsettings file is ONLY needed if you are initially installing fog, but using a prior config. The other edits are specific to database as you described.

    Storage Management Page -> Relevant Storage Node -> Management User and Management Password need to be updated to whatever you changed the password to. – This is so images can be uploaded, and size information can be seen.

    FOG Configuration Page -> FOG Settings -> TFTP Server -> FOG_TFTP_FTP_USERNAME and FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD need to be updated to what you set the password to. – Only needed for kernel updates. (Why Here? I just haven’t moved it around yet).

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    @treyw00 You can change the fog user account password via command line. But you will also need to update the password via the management gui too. There are 2 locations one is in regards to the storage node and the other(s) are under the fog configuration settings (sorry not near a fog console, so doing it from a very old guy’s memory). If you upgraded to a trunk version then you will need to update the hidden file in /opt/fog called .fogsettings that also holds the passwords as you upgrade trunk releases.

  • @george1421 my apologies. It actually wasn’t the root password but the main user related to FOG. So if i chance it via command line, it breaks the images section in fog (wont show me size on server. TBH not sure what else it does as I changed it back after)

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    @treyw00 Changing the “root” password should not have an impact on FOG, since fog has its own two user accounts that is used for FOG. What specifically breaks when you change the root password?