FOG 0.27/Vmware Updating Kernel and Client issues

  • Hello,

    I’m spinning up a test FOG environment in Vmware. I’m needing help getting the Fog Vmware image talking to the internet to be able to fetch the updated kernel and client files.

    I currently have it set up on a switch that is not connected to the internet which is the preferred way that we have this setup. What settings would I need to change to get the Vmware Fog image temporarily on the internet to pull the files?

  • @jxke I recommend assigning a 500GB hard drive. That’s more than enough for about 40 different base images.

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    The process of setting up centos or ubuntu under vmware is pretty simple. From the VM standpoint all you need to do is create a virtual hard drive with enough space for FOG, the OS, plus the number of client images you want to capture. 100GB would be a start. You can go with less if you will only have a few images, more if you will have more. For centos and fog it takes about 7GB, the rest of the storage will be used for your client images, and snap-ins.

    Here is a how to I wrote for installing Centos and then FOG on an intel nuc. Same process just a physical box.

  • @george1421 We are currently running an ESXi environment that we’d like to add Fog into. I’m just getting familiar with Fog at the moment as I’ve never set it up before. But, I have some VMware experience so I was using the prebuilt vmx file. The guy that setup our Fog server that we want to decommission since its a standalone Ubuntu server is no longer here so it’s been passed on to me.

  • @jxke said:

    Does 1.2.0 work with ESXi or VMware?

    ESXi, VMware, Virtual Box, CentOS 7 KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, the list goes on.

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    @jxke Are you looking for a pre built vmx file or will you build a server from scratch then add in fog? There are quite a few instructions for building a fog server post OS install. My preference is to use Centos 7, but ubuntu works just fine too.

  • @george1421

    Are there instructions on how to setup in a VMware environment for 1.2.0? I only see instructions for 0.27 and the provided vmx file.

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    @jxke Yes for sure it runs in a VM. That is how I personally have it setup. I might suggest that you setup a new VM with 1.2.0 instead of trying to update something that old to 1.2.0. And then if this is a new install you might consider upgrading from 1.2.0 to a pre release of 1.3.0 because there has been many enhancements over 1.2.0 in the area of UEFI and newer hardware support. Just understand that 1.3.0 has not been released yet so it is still in a beta state. But the devs are working hard to get it stable and released soon. By setting up a new instance you will not loose access to your production instance while you setup this new server.

  • @jxke What do you mean?

  • Does 1.2.0 work with ESXi or VMware?

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    Just to save time.

    Do not deploy fog 0.27. The current release is 1.2.0 and the devs are working hard on getting 1.3.0 in a stable state. Please if you want to deploy FOG deploy 1.2.0 and then when you are comfortable with 1.2.0 upgrade to the latest trunk version.