Multicast Works from Server, but not from storage node...

  • The multicast works when the clients are instructed to go to server (via location), and this is from remote location. Just had network team setup WOL and multicast for me (although not sure of specifics with the multicast).

    The problem is when the clients are set (via location) to run the multicast from the local storage node (where unicast works, and which is the group (location-based) master node.

    It gets to the Partclone screen and hangs, nothing else. Reboots, killall udpsender, and clearing from mysql do not resolve the issue. I’m hoping it’s something in the way FOG “directs” the mutlicast to the storage node and on, since multicast originates from the server itself, or on my end with the multicast settings themselves.

    Routers, switches, VLANS all included in topography.

    1. When directed from both the server and local master storage node i noticed there is no mention of which is storage node IP.
    | 1 task found
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | Task (8) Multi-Cast Task is new!
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | Task (8) Multi-Cast Task has been cleaned.
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | Task (8) /images/X131Feb15 image file found.
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | Task (8) 2 client(s) found.
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | Task (8) Multi-Cast Task sending on base port: 52814
    Udp-sender 20120424
    Using mcast address
    UDP sender for (stdin) at on enp0s25 
    Broadcasting control to
    [01-19-16 1:25:25 pm]  | CMD: cat /images/X131Feb15/d1p1.img | /usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface enp0s25 --min-receivers 2 --max-wait 300 --portbase 52814 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint;cat /images/X131Feb15/d1p2.img | /usr/local/sbin/udp-sender --interface enp0s25 --min-receivers 2 --max-wait 300 --portbase 52814 --full-duplex --ttl 32 --nokbd --nopointopoint;

    But then nothing happens…Any ideas or suggestions ??

  • @Hanz What do the logs say for the multicast manager?

  • Senior Developer

    Does anything show up after the start of the command?

  • @ch3i yes it is the master node. I have one at each school that doesn’t have gigabit service to speed imaging along.

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    @Hanz Hi, is your storage node is the master storage of his group ? Only a master storage of a group can multicast.