SOLVED Fatal Error: Could not resize partitions (prepareResizeDownloadPartitions)

  • Hey,

    I’m on Fedora 23 Server, running FOG svn 4651, cloud 5986.

    I’m trying to image an Optiplex 9020.

    I have a known-good Windows 8.1 image for this model, This image was created with FOG cloud version 3784. It’s MBR.

    I’m using undionly.kkpxe as my boot file.
    Image was created with the Sata operation mode set to: RAID On. The computer is set to this.

    The image is resizable.

    Here’s a video of the issue:

    Any ideas are welcome.

  • This specific issue is resolved, @Tom-Elliott pushed a patch and it’s working now.

  • While that might get me by, the old image format needs to be compatible with FOG 1.3.0.

    I’m all for making my images with the new format, but others might not be.

  • Same issue here. I was able to deploy by setting it to Single Disk - Multiple Partitions.

    Then, out of sheer curiosity I re-uploaded that image as Single Disk - Resizable…and it now deploys fine but it still behaves like a Single Disk - Multiple Partitions image…the disk doesn’t expand to full capacity post-deployment.