SOLVED Converting from multiple disk images to single disk images

  • Hi All,

    I’ve bought new SSDs for 10 machines, that previously had dual drives in them. I have images of the dual drives machines, that I want to deploy to the new SSD environment.
    The second disk was never used in the machines, hopefully there were no boot etc partitions either on it.

    I noticed that the images have in them d1.mbr d1p1.img d1p2.img d2.mbr d2p1.img
    I wondered if I could simply delete d2.mbr and d2p1.img, then change the image type to single disk.
    Would it work? If not any suggestions? I’d rather not rebuild the images if possible.



  • @Julianh

    Depending on your comfort level - you can make a copy of the image manually, and then manipulate the copy, and create an image definition to match.

    for example, lets say I have /images/MyAwesomeWin7Image

    I could copy it like this:
    cp -R /images/MyAwesomeWin7Image /images/CopyOfMyAwesomeWin7Image

    Then I could work with just the copy, and delete the disk 2 partitions like this:
    rm -f /images/CopyOfMyAwesomeWin7Image/d2.mbr
    rm -f /images/CopyOfMyAwesomeWin7Image/d2p1.img

    Then, in the web interface I would go to “create new image” and put the image name and image path as CopyOfMyAwesomeWin7Image and select “Single Disk Multiple partition non-resizable” as the image type.

    And then just assign that image to a host and try it out…

    But if you’re using FOG 1.2.0, it does not work with totally blank HDDs. However FOG Trunk can handle blank HDDs - but it is developmental. I use FOG Trunk in production, others do to. You simply need to understand there will be bugs that you won’t expect, and when you find those, just report them here in the bugs section, the developers are really good at fixing bugs.