client error: no network interfaces found

  • I have 4 hosts (so far) that won’t perform quick registration, full registration, or deploy an image. I am using latest trunk (as of yesterday) on Ubuntu. This is a private network setup.
    During boot, these hosts get an IP from the DHCP server, and even load the FOG menu. When I choose quick or full inventory, they fail to upload it to the server. No error message, just “attempting to upload inventory…” forever…
    If I manually create the hosts on the server, assign an image and attempt to deploy it to them, it fails (on the client) with the message "verifying network interface configuration… Failed … An error has been detected! No network interfaces found. Computer will reboot in 1 minute.

  • @templink People new to FOG always blame every little bump in the road on FOG… I’ve been getting hit with nonsense from co-workers for almost a year now. Just seems like that’s how it goes.

    Either way, you’re always more than welcome to post issues here.

  • @Junkhacker
    yes they all have same BIOS.

    I believe I found the problem. The environment is a classroom with 24 wired seats. 2 of the stations exhibit this problem repeatedly. When I relocate a host to another seat (a different network cable) it images just fine. So I think I need to recable some of the seats, or change out the RJ45 connectors on some stations.

  • Developer

    are they all running the same version of bios?

  • Fog is version 5866
    hosts are Dell Precision M4800 laptops
    some work, some don’t. So far 5 imaged OK, 4 failed with the “no network interfaces found” error

  • What model of computers ?