SOLVED product key - web interface inserts bad characters

  • I’ve saw several related threads to the product key input, but not my issue specifically.

    FOG 5688

    In both Firefox (Linux v43.0), Chromium (Linux v47.0.2526.73) and Chrome (Windows v47.0.2526.106), my product key input shows 3 additional characters if the element is inspected, e.g.:

    <input id="productKey" type="text" name="key" value="11111-22222-33333-44444-55555���">

    Occasionally, when altering the contents of the input, those characters become visible in the actual display.

    Despite this, I have had hosts successfully activate windows, so it seems the client either ignores or doesn’t receive those characters.

    Occasionally, those characters are expanded (I’m not sure what the trigger is), and then something like this happens:

    <input id="productKey" type="text" name="key" value="11111-22222-33333-44444-55555&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;-&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;&amp;IUML;&amp;IQUEST;&amp;FRAC12;�����"></input>

    When this happens, the FOG client will note an invalid product key in its log.

  • It seems to be the same end result, not sure if it is the same cause.

    Feel free to close this though and I’ll watch the other one – sorry I didn’t find that one in my search 😞

    One potential think to note is that it seems like you got to that state from quick/full host registration, whereas I got to this state by entering data directly into the web interface.