Great software - Wrong setup...Any solutions?

  • Hi there,

    I have been trying to set up FOG for a while now. I now know what the issue is but I am a bit stumped as to find a solution.

    I have a router based network which already deals with DHCP. This is a netgear router and is not PXE capable.

    I have looked online for the solution and one person has placed a techique online for making linux a proxy DHCP. However I am not an expert at networking or linux and was unable to get this technique to work.

    You may well be asking yourself - Why don’t I let Linux or a Windows Server be the DHCP server. This isn’t an option.

    I have heard however that you can get a Cisco router and that will allow for PXE booting and DHCP forwarding. Is it possible for someone to point me in the right direction or direct me into enabling the DHCP proxy to work?

    From what I understand my routers IP address is
    -The range at wish it dished out IP’s as you can guess is

    Not sure if you need more information but if so I will be happy to post more.

    Thanks for looking.

  • Moderator

    So you have a netgear router that is not capable of PXE options in it’s DHCP server? Have you checked if there is a firmware update that may provide this option?

    If not, then you’ll have to setup the ProxyDHCP for Fog using the article on the wiki, [url][/url]