• Hello everybody!

    I’m trying to install Fog 1.2.0 on a Debian 8 Jessy,
    But when i upgrade (from a browser) the database, it fails and I get this message:

    I don’t know what to do, i tried to re-install debian ( 7 & 8 ), but always the same problem.

    I hope someone will help me, and pardon my english. 😅
    (I have not found solution on the web…)

    Thanks guys !

  • @Ph3noM Fog doesn’t set a DB password - if fog sets up the DB on a new server, it’s left blank. The installer (at least in FOG 1.3.0 beta) asks you for a DB password just in case you set one in the back end. And of course if that’s the case (and 99% of the time it is) then the field in /opt/fog/.fogsettings would be blank as well.

  • I just install mysql-client and -server on a new vm before starting the fog installation aaaaand it works! 😁
    But when i look at the snmysqlhost field, it’s empty… Is it normal?

    Anyway thank you very much for your prompt response!

  • Please try looking at the /opt/fog/.fogsettings file and edit the snmysqlhost field to be either local host or the IP address of your fog server then try again.