• I am new to FOG so this may be a very rookie mistake.

    I work at a small high school that uses FOG to image our student PC’s (about 40) and laptops (25). I have 2 replacement laptops that I just purchased, HP elitebooks, that will not take an image. This is the first time that I have started with a fresh computer, as I had previously only done re-imaging of computers that had issues and were already FOGed.

    I have created a new host for the laptop using its MAC address and deployed the image. From there, I was told (and have always done) to press f12 on start up to get it to network boot. When I do that, I can see it trying to reach the FOG server but it eventually times out. I have tried numerous times, and never been successful. The closest that I have gotten it is for the FOG screen to come up very briefly and then it stopped and just booted into windows.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong? Also, are there any well done guides that are accessible for making new images and uploading them, as well as proper deployment for new machines? I have tried looking for them but I have never had any success.


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    How is DHCP setup in your network? Maybe this is dnsmasq ProxyDHCP and the new EliteBooks (EFI??) don’t like to talk to it?!? Just a random guess.

  • What model is the EliteBook?

    Can you double-check that other hosts can still network boot and get to the fog boot menu?

    What version of FOG are you using?