SOLVED Add Synology as Storage Node without installing Fog Storage Node role

  • Hello,
    I’m install Fog Project on VM with Ubuntu Server 14 and version 1.2. I want to add Synology NAS as a Storage Node without installing Storage role.
    I have a loy of issues (Unable to Mount, Failed to Mount, Permission denied…). I read that Synology mark NFS path to /volumeX/images and FTP path is only /images. I think that is the problem.

    I’m upgrade to trunk version to add FTP path and image path, but the error persist.
    Which is the procedure? Add new images path to /etc/exports? Add persistent NFS path on /etc/fstab or only add a Storage Node on Fog Management to IP NAS?

    Thank you,

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    @Tom-Elliott He’s french, I’m helping him via the chat.

  • @Naamo I don’t understand the question. You want to setup a node for a nas and need help I believe. What version of fog are you running?

  • hi everyone, does anyone have a step by step tutorial to host OS images on the nas synology ? do I keep the node by default and add a node for nas , or change the default node ?

  • The problem is solved, @ch3i support me via TeamViewer, the problem was on Synology configuration.

    Thank you for your support! Images Upload and move to /images folder correctly!!

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    @cRz87 Solved via Teamviewer. We have modified the NFS settings in the Synology to allow all the adress of the network to mount the nfs share, not only the FOG server.

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  • @cRz87 as you’re running 1.2 you may find out that imaging down to the host will work but uploads/replications will fail. There are tricks to get it working for you but they’re not very nice. To add on to @ch3i you can indeed create a storage node with ought going thru the installation process on the system but you will be lacking a few things. Image sizes/disk usage/uploads at the least will not work properly. If the new storage node is to be a master node, multicast will also fail to work. Just giving a heads up. If you need to be able to upload to the nas you would need to upgrade to trunk. Upgrading should also fix image sizes if you decide to have them available.

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    @cRz87 Hi, you have to create a user fog on your nas with the same password of your fog user in your Ubuntu Server. Ensure that rights or 777 on your NAS Share and .mntcheck files are presents in your /volumeX/images and /volumeX/images/dev.