SOLVED Product Key entry - Web Interface - can't backspace past a hyphen

  • SVN 4520 Cloud 5698

    Using the Chrome web browser.

    I’ve been keying in product keys for individual hosts.

    I can backspace a character, but not beyond a hyphen.

    Single backspaces don’t work, but if I hold down the backspace key it will delete past a hyphen. It’s weird behaviour.

  • @Wayne-Workman This should now be fixed.

    You can edit past the hyphen because I will now remove them altogether when you focus on the window.

    When it initially loads it will present the proper key with dashes, but when you click in the field it will remove the hyphens. When you’re typing it will simply capitalize the letters and will strip any non-alphanumeric keys even if you type them in. When you leave the field it auto formats it. The PHP will also add the dashes as needed similarly so if you update by pressing enter in the field, it will add the slashes properly too.

  • An idea for the backspacing past a hyphen.

    I really like the functionality of adding hyphens automatically. It’s amazing. I’d rather have it and this problem than not have it at all.

    But, if a differentiation could be made for where the cursor was previously like… after the hyphen, then don’t auto-write the hyphen if the cursor was at a position after a hyphen just before. Does that make sense? It does to me…

    Or… somehow detect that the backspace key was pressed and then allow the hyphen to be deleted without being auto-written.

    Just ideas… I’m trying to cause a creative kick for this issue. 🙂

  • Also, in that field, the cursor gets put at the end after every letter typed, so it makes correcting errors really hard, and I just end up typing the entire code in again. 😕