FOG 2.0 request - Selective inventory hardware export

  • Hello,

    could it be possible to export partial inventory of the hardware such as only :

    Name, OS, System Manufacturer , System Product, System Version, System Serial Number, System Type, BIOS Date, Location.

    We use Spiceworks for this but detection is random on some computers.
    As we use FOG on nearly all the computers, it would avoid getting twice the hardware.

  • @Tom-Elliott I was referring to adding it now - if it was easy. I know 2.0 doesn’t use PHP. 🙂

  • PHP is not what FOG 2.0 is. This is a FOG 2.0 Feature request.

  • @jmeyer I’m not a PHP person… That’s up to probably @Tom-Elliott to add this sort of report.

  • @Wayne-Workman Make it in reports with column choice will be the next step ! lol
    Result looks already great and nearly enough for my needs ! 😉

  • I just realized this was a feature request… 😕

  • This is probably the nastiest SQL command I’ve ever wrote but it works…

    mysql -D fog -e"select hosts.hostName, images.imageName,os.osName,inventory.iSysproduct,inventory.iMbproductname,inventory.iMbserial,inventory.iSystype,inventory.iBiosdate,location.lName FROM hosts INNER JOIN images ON hosts.hostImage = images.imageID INNER JOIN os ON images.imageOSID = os.osID INNER JOIN inventory ON hosts.hostID = inventory.iHostID INNER JOIN locationAssoc ON locationAssoc.laHostID = hosts.hostID INNER JOIN location ON location.lID = locationAssoc.laLocationID;" > /var/www/html/custom.txt

    Look at your output by going to x.x.x.x\custom.txt with a web browser.
    This is what I get (because I wiped my DB recently, have only imaged 2 computers)


    This command will only provide output where there is info for every field you’ve requested.