• DOes anyone know how to upload and deploy a windows 7 image with no 100MB partition. The OS is already installed and I just want to be able to capture and deploy it.

  • Awesome! Thanks for posting. I’ll take a look at it as soon as I get a chance.

  • Haha hey, if it works, it works. I have a bunch of script nonsense that bounces between vbscript and cmdline for silent installations of programs. Sounds like it would fit right in with what I do, haha.

  • [quote=“dvlsg, post: 8532, member: 1186”]Well, I was unaware that vbscript was even able to do that. It’ll look fancy to me no matter what, haha.[/quote]
    That is because I just use vbscript as a wrapper to run a diskpart via the cmd line. Not so fancy any more, huh? 🙂


  • Well, I was unaware that vbscript was even able to do that. It’ll look fancy to me no matter what, haha.

  • RE: partition extending script.

    Sure, I’ll dig it up later and post it to a new thread. I’ll post the thread link here when I do that. It is nothing fancy. Perhaps someone else will have a cleaner method.


  • I’m currently using single partitions with Windows 7. Here’s my setup:

    1. Deployment/Reference images set up as VMs (using VMWare)
    2. Installed Windows 7 (NOT the easy install - leaving the 100mb partition in place)
    3. Once image is set up, use sysprep
    4. Upload as single-partition, resizable.

    That being said, I only have to deploy to Dell machines, so I’m probably just getting really lucky.

    Astrouga, would you mind sharing the partition extending vbscript? That sounds interesting.

  • Windows 7 single-partition, resizable doesn’t work. If someone managed to get it working in some odd scenario, that is great for them, but it is unlikely to work consistently. I would consider it broken until 0.33 comes out. The developers have been working on it.

    Like chad-bisd, I too ditched trying to get the single-partition, resizable option to work and went to the multiple-partition, single disk years back. As he pointed out, the only gotcha is to to make sure your partition is smaller than all of the disks in your inventory that you plan to dump this image on. I always shrink mine down before I sysprep. Then as part of the restore, I run a vbscript (via automation) that I wrote to extend the partition to the max size. It never fails.


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    There is a complex code path for Windows 7 images of type Single Partition - Resizable. With FOG 0.32, even using sysprep, I was never able to get Windows 7 to deploy as single partition - resizable, even though FOG was grabbing both partitions. I always got the repair screen.

    I switched to Multiple-Partition, Single Disk and never looked back. Just make sure you don’t create your master image on a larger hard drive than will be in the clients to which you deploy.

  • I would really like a definitive answer to this. I have never been able to get a single partition to work with Win7. I can create and upload an image fine, but when I deploy I always end up with an unbootable machine. I have tried everything ever suggested in this forum or the old one and everything I could find by google with no luck.

  • Here’s some information regarding my current situation:

    I’ve got two VMs, both running Windows 7. Image#1 has the 100mb partition, Image#2 does not.
    I can upload Image#1 as a single, resizable partition. I can only upload Image#2 as a multiple partition - single disc (not resizable).

  • I always use the “multiple partition” image types. Never have a problem. Are you trying to use the “single partition” option?

  • That’s interesting because I could not get a single partition Windows 7 image successfully saved as resizeable. The [B]Windows Vista[/B]-thing didn’t work I also saw a line in [SIZE=4][B][FONT=monospace][COLOR=#003399]fog_0.32\src\buildroot\package\customize\fog\scripts\bin\fog[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/SIZE] suggesting that FOG may be hard coded to expect that 100MB partition:

    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][FONT=Andale Mono]if [ “$osid” == “5” ][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][FONT=Andale Mono]then[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][FONT=Andale Mono]imgType=“mps”;[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3][FONT=Andale Mono]fi[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    I’ve got no real context for that code yet so, I may be be talking nonsense.

    I finally took an image of a fresh install of Windows 7 with the 100MB partition and then copied my existing single-partition Windows 7 installation over the [SIZE=4][B][FONT=monospace][COLOR=#003399]sys.img.000[/COLOR][/FONT][/B][/SIZE] file. I then pushed the image back to the workstation and Repaired the installation from the Windows 7 disk and then saved it again.

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    FOG supports both 1 and 2 partition layouts for Windows 7.

    Using the Windows 7 OS type will make FOG determine the amount of partitions and act accordingly.

    NTFS Resizable and Multi-partiton will both work.

  • [quote=“Raff, post: 2998, member: 298”]Set the OS to Windows Vista in FOG.[/quote]

    Really? I always create my windows 7 images without the 100mb partition and I never have a problem using “windows 7” for the OS.

    I wonder what the developers recommend on this? Does fog expect Windows 7 images to have the 100 MB partition? If we don’t use the 100MB partition, what is the recommended OS setting?


  • Set the OS to Windows Vista in FOG.