• Hi Devs,

    Just a feature that may be a ‘nice thing to have’ would be to be able to set time of day replication.

    Eg, Be able to set time schedules for when image replication occurs between storage nodes.

    This is so that replication can occur during quieter times when there is less network traffic. Especially useful for replication to remote sites that go out via the WAN.

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    Ultimately, I have put a feature hold on. While very minor (such as checkboxes) features may be added, I am not trying to start something as convoluted as this request.

    While I understand the need for such a setup, I think it would be much better suited for a new FOG version.

    1.3 is planned to be the last PHP version of FOG and while bug fixes and minor features may be backported, I think we should focus newer (and/or more complicated) features should be used to better the next version of fog.

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    @Wayne-Workman I agree. I would expect to see the developers put a feature hold in place soon until 1.3.0 is finalized. There is already many new features in this build to mention.

  • IMHO I say this feature can wait till FOG 2.0 is released. I really want to see 1.3.0 released soon.

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    Unfortunately this option is not available yet. I had a similar request a while ago with a bit of a twist.

    I requested to have different transfer rates based on time of day. That way we could throttle the bandwidth used during busy times and then increase the bandwidth used for replication when the network was quiet.

    What we ended up doing (which fits with your request) was to setup a cron job to start the replicator service at 6pm local time and then a second cron job stop it at 6am local time. You just have to be aware that newly captured images and snapins won’t appear on the remote FOG nodes until the next day using this process.

    It would be nice if it was integrated into the GUI, and it might be in a future release. But for now the cron method does work.

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    Moving topic to feature requiests