SOLVED Tftp and missing files on storage nodes

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    Update the installer script to add the logic to automatically install the tftp boot files onto a storage node. I understand that not all storage nodes will be used for pxe booting. But add the required files just in case the node will be used for PXE booting. There is no risk to having the boot files or the tftp service installed if not used (xinetd managed the starting of the tftp process anyway). By adding this function to the storage node you can avoid having to enter into the host os to manage the files, or setup rsync to copy the files from a pxe boot server as new versions come out.

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    @george1421 I will earn you that I did not update the package installation quite yet and I do plan to do this. Basically I just made it so storage nodes install the same way as normal mode does but I did not add the package installation or the same configuration checks. That’s likely the issue with the error displayed but as you said this should not have an impact on the installation process.

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    Yes the files are there now, thank you. I did update everything this AM before posting and the tftp stuff wasn’t installed. This will save having to hack a full fog install into a storage node. Thanks again.

    I did capture an error during the update that didn’t seem to have an impact on the tftp install.

    * Setting up storage..........................................OK
     * Setting up and starting DHCP Server.........................../lib/common/ line 1264: [: : integer expression expected
     * Setting up and starting TFTP and PXE Servers................OK
     * Setting up and starting VSFTP Server........................OK

    Now I’m off to test the installed tftp files…

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    @Tom-Elliott The missing files are the entire /tftboot folder as well as installing the tftp service and updating xinetd (rhel specific). I’ll update one of my storage nodes right away and see if all of the bits are in place now.

    Thank you!

  • @Tom-Elliott Oh… I haven’t tried it in a while.

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    I don’t know what missing files you’re all referring too. I have added the tftp/pxe stuff now.

    Please update and let me know how bad or good I did.

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    @Wayne-Workman That’s what I thought. There is no need to do extra stuff (again, trying to stay out of the OS as much as possible) for the non-technical / wiki following FOG installers. Its a simple change (in my mind) to the installer script that would make the storage nodes a bit more versatile with little to no expense in time or effort. I’m not seeing a performance or security issue by installing the pxe boot files or tftp service (other than every service that is installed is a potential attack vector). Everything we do out of band (i.e. doing a full install then hacking it later) risks brining in errors and extra work to maintain: IMO)

  • I’ve thought this for a while. It would be nice.

    The lack of the tftp stuff is the exact reason why I just do a full installation every time, and just configure the web interface to point to the DB of the master server.