• hi,

    i have already ask for some problem of tftp download freeze, it sontinue, and it is not a dhcp problem. but it is not the matter. i think it is in relation with Vbox.

    i have correctly start a full register of UC, and started an image upload. it successfully start at pxe boot. but. It is my first use of upload in fog, so i don’t know what is normal response at screen. system partition is 7Go size.

    i seen * … resizing -> ok and next step too, but now i have lost of TAB + * on screen making this:

     *                            *                               *                               *
           *                                *                             *                            *
                  *                                  *                           *                              *

    no percentage , no image file in destination folder, no error message. there is 4 hours imaging now… it is a very long time to do this.

    the destination nfs directory is 3Gb size, but i had mounted a 10Go partition on a subdirectory /images/disks/ , and destination image location is this sub folder.
    unfortunately fog webpage show me a 100% used space… impossible. there is no file in destination images directory… where are temporary data ?

    TEST  7,20 GiB 	0,00 iB 	No Data

    is it normal ?

  • What are all the abbreviations?

    @megs said:

    i have correctly start a full register of UC

    What is a UC?

    If the browser is showing 100% used space, my best guess is you really ARE at 100% used space.

    When fog installs, it creates the /images folder for you. If you added a 10 gigabyte partition (very small be begin with) and mounted it to the /images directory, your display should show properly.

    How big is the root partition (/)? You can check with:

    sudo df

  • Moderator

    @megs It’s a move between /dev and /final_folder, no need to have lot of space.
    What version of fog do you use ?

  • Hmm, okay, i clean it, thank a lot. i see now that was totaly stupid to mount it there. i need to rethink space disk for partitions. and i understand that we need double space of image to succesfull image an UC : one for temporary in /dev, and one into final directory it is true ? so for a 5 Gb image we need 10-11Gb space disk free in nfs share ?

    I’ll try to image a dos UC to see. itwill be more quick to test. dos vbox powaaa…

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    @megs Hi, temporary data are stored in /images/dev/MAC_ADRESS_OF_YOUR_COMPUTER