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    @wwarsin Can you please boot into debug mode again and tell us the exect model name and number plus USB IDs you see from lsusb when your network device is plugged in? We removed a kernel driver lately which I was pretty sure wouldn’t be in use by anyone but caused issues for someone. I really hope that I am wrong but maybe this driver (cdc_ether) was exactly the one used by your USB network adapter.

  • Hi @Sebastian-Roth ,

    Thanks for the quick reply! I was unfortunately not able to upgrade and try this until today.

    I’m currently on version 5590 and now when i PXE boot the surface it boots fine to the FOG Menu but when i try to capture an image (or try to quick image) I get the error “No network interfaces found.”

    I booted into debug mode, ran ifconfig and it only returned the lo or the loopback adapter.

    I ran lsusb with and without the network adapter and it appears that it is detected, but this is about the extent that I can troubleshoot in linux without assistance/guidance…

    Thank you

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    @wwarsin There has been an issue within the upload script lately. Can you please update to the very latest SVN version und re-run the installer. Then use “Multiple Partition - Single Disk (Not resizable)”…

    You are pretty close I reckon! The update should fix some of the other issues as well.