SOLVED clear encryption data missing

  • Where do I find the clear encryption data button? I have removed the old fog client from existing hosts, installed the newer one (0.9.5) and cannot use the hostnamechanged (coming back with “invalid security token”). From what I read in the forums I need to click “clear encryption data” but have no idea where that is?

  • Senior Developer

    I will add the note that this button will only present to you IF the pub key and/or the security token data is set for that host.

    The group option will always display the button though.

  • Senior Developer

    @kktwenty101 you can also go to a group and hit the button to affect multiple hosts.

    The Reset Encryption button tells the server “Lock in the first client that claims to be THIS computer.” This is how to ensure that the server can trust clients that request sensitive information.

  • found it.

    Its a HUGE GREEN BUTTON so ive no idea how I missed it. Thanks

  • Senior Developer

    Its on the web management portal. Go to your host in the portal and the button should be there.

  • where am I looking though? I assumed it was on the client (right click on the fogtray) but nothing appears when I right click on the fogrtray icon (the old one used to bring up refresh printers etc). I also looked in the GUI under “host management” for the host and saw nothing relating to clear encryption data.

    Ive searched on the forums but cannot find a “location” for the button. sorry to be a pain.

  • I’ve seen that it takes a minute for the button to show up. Something on the backend gets initiated by the new client somehow and the button just shows up.

    Try restarting the host a few times. Refresh your host management page each time.