• Host Server: FOG 1.2.0 on CentOS 6.4

    Client: Dell E7450
    System: Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

    I’m fairly new to Fog’ing and have been able to Upload/download Window 7 images without any issue. Though with Windows 10 Ent. I’ve hit a wall. When I attempt to Fogprep 10 through “http:x.x.x.x/fog/client”, its states Fogprep is only compatible with Windows 7. I haven’t found any threads that are identical to this, so any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated!


  • @JustmattD

    Just to give you some more information, 1.2.0 can capture and deploy pretty much any Windows image that is MBR based without a hitch, using non-resizable images.

    For resizable, it gets a little more complex and usually requres a scratch image. For better GPT support, you would need to move to the developmental “FOG Trunk”.

    When the wiki is working again, search it for “Windows 8 imaging tips”, there’s good stuff in there that might help you out a lot.

  • Senior Developer

    There’s no need to use fog prep on windows 10 (or even on windows 7 for that matter). To be honest I’m not sure what system it was built for… (It is from a long time ago).