SOLVED Add the ability to block an image from deployment

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    I need to provide a way to bock an image from being deployed, or being scheduled to be deployed. If you are working in an environment when many techs its possible that an image may be put on hold for several reasons. We need to stop that image from being deployed to the targeted hosts. The request to deploy could come from the GUI interface or via a quick image via the PXE boot menu. In either case we need to block deployment until/if the image is released for use.

    One of the areas of concern is about version control. We may need to leave a previous version of an image on the fog server until the new version is fully vetted. That previous version needs to be lock/blocked/disabled from being redeployed. Because the image name is saved in the host record its important to keep the blocked image from being used. It would also be handy to have a nice message to indicate why the image is not allowed to be deployed at this time.

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    While I didn’t agree with having this feature initially, it actually made sense so this has technically been added and done now.

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    @george1421 I don’t feel a need to add such a feature but that doesn’t mean what you’re wanting cannot be done. We have a fairly robust plugin system that this could be incorporated for. I’ll see what I can conjure up over the next few days.

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    That’s a bit more strong arm than I think would be needed. Typically you “whould” have an enable/disable flag for the image and just turn it on and off via a checkbox. When you delete the image definition you loose the existence that image was ever there instead of just turning it off for a bit.

  • You could simply delete the image definition, but leave the image data.