SOLVED Inventory ID vs Host ID v.32

  • Between the Inventory report and the host list, I have a discrepancy developing between my Host List and my Inventory report. At the beginning, the Host ID equals the Inventory ID. After some time, the numbers are offset by one, by the end they are offset by 2. I have 140 or 142 devices, depending on which report you read…
    The HOST ID properly lines up with the item ID in the web links, but the Inventory ID does not.

  • Inventory table now has a record of the Host ID in a separate field. While I imagine this was always the case, it must be remembered that when a host is deleted, the inventory table doesn’t get removed as well. THis could account for the “number” difference. Though I imagine the idea of the inventory is to keep good records which I imagine is not so true now. I’ll add a bit to delete the inventory if the host is deleted.

  • Developer

    I will look at reports. They will be rewritten at some stage. Not for 0.33 sadly.