NAS problem iomega NFS mount ?

  • connecting to external storage.
    I have an external node setup to storage my images, it’s an iomega IX4.
    The current images on the fog server are replicated without a problem.
    Putting a new image on the NAS is giving me an error, no matter what I try.

    I get a mounting file system failed
    fogimages/dev on /images failed. failed to mount NFS volume
    also tried to point to /mnt/pools/A/A0/images That doesn’t work either :(

  • All versions of fog currently put only one storage node’s config into /etc/exports, normally, this is just /images

    so the first thing is to check the exports file: /etc/exports. If an entry for your eternal drive isn’t there, just copy/paste the two existing lines and change the paths to point to the external drive.

    Note that inside the external drive’s “images” directory, you need a “dev” directory.


    also, in both /images and in /images/dev, you need a hidden file, named .mntcheck

    you can create this file using the touch command, like this: touch .mntcheck

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    (removing fog out of the equation for a second) Ok and you have that box exported (in the iomega) and then mounted onto a folder on your linux box?

  • yeah that was’t clear. this is not a storage node but an external iomega box.

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    Could you clarify this a bit. Do you have a FOG Storage node setup or do you just have external storage connected via NFS?

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