• Hello,

    I found on the internet fog customer service for Linux (the .deb file), however, we use Fedora 20 on our workstations and we would like to operate the service hostname change.

    Would you have a solution.

    Thank you in advance.


  • yes, /etc/hosts as told in my post indeed, and /etc/resolv.conf as well. All information required to be fetched a way or another. Be it by a custom client or something else.

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    @Gilou there are other files that must be updated to perform a “complete” hostnamechange (network files, and others), otherwise things like sudo can fail on certain machines.

    @jrm I have begun internal testing of the linux client. If you are just interested in hostnamechanging and taskreboot let me know (via chat) and I can give you my preview build to use. It will perform both those operations just fine.

  • But again, using a simple script in /images/postdownloadscripts/ you could easily change the hostname (assuming it’s set at the FOG hostname).
    Actually, I’m even considering a patch, but there are a few issues at hand.

    • DNS : if no hostname, or if we want the domain name, can we request it?
    • IP if we want to fill /etc/hosts as well (DNS, again)
    • can we assume $part to hold / on a 50 osID ?
      => Reply: no, we can’t, so it should be /dev/sda1 forced, not too nice…

    Idea is basically (and assuming DHCP will provide DNS domain and is set up for each host):

    if [ "$osId" == "50" && ! -z $hostname ]; then
         mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
         echo $hostname > /etc/hostname
         umount /mnt
    Edited to make it a little bit more realistic ;)

  • @jobob thank you for your reply.
    When do you deploy the client Linux / MacOS? She will be a beta available.

    this seems to me to be an important point in my case particularly because our fleet is mainly composed of Linux


  • Hmm, renaming could be done directly after imaging though, either using the postdownload script, or by writing it in the init…
    Before rebooting, I guess /etc/hosts & /etc/hostname are enough.
    Another way I’ve been using is hook the DHCP client on the linux systems to set the hostname to what the DHCP sets it to, but that of course requires that your FOG hosts are properly set in DHCP/DNS.

    As on Windows, waiting for the client is probably not a necessity for that precise feature.

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    @jrm , I am not sure what you are referring to. We have no official linux client released. What you found is probably a debian client made by one of our users. As to what @Wayne-Workman is referring to, we do have a linux and osx client in the works. However, it is not ready for release yet.

  • https://github.com/FOGProject/fog-client

    @Jbob could give more details on this, but I’ve seen it work. It will change the hostname on Fedora 22, has both GUI and text based installation modes.