UNSOLVED Couldn't allocate port 7 usb_device

  • From start to finish.

    I register the device with fog, no problems
    I update the device with the image that I wanted on the device, I set the download up and it starts

    Now here is where it gets kinda weird. The second loading bar on the page says “…Couldn’t allocate port 7 usb_device”
    other than that everything works fine. The computer then shuts down after it finishes, like I told it to do.

    I start it back up and everything appears to be fine, until it blue screens during the update to the registry, and updating the drivers and all everything. I never make it to the desktop or login, it does all of this during the “Welcome to Windows” screen. I would like to think its just my image that’s screwed up, but I can’t figure out as to why or how.

  • Senior Developer

    Could you please help us with some more information. OS? FOG version (see cloud on the web interface)? Model (e.g. HP 8200 …)? USB devices connected?

    As Tom said the message about USB is probably not causing the issue…

  • Senior Developer

    Is the image Sysprepped? What version of fog? While the “couldn’t allocate port 7 usb_device” message is present, I am certain this is not what’s causing your image to blue screen. Can you attempt catching the blue screen so you could provide more details? (When system is rebooted keep pressing F8. Windows will present a menu screen of items. You can disable reboot from blue screen on this screen. Select this option and confirm as necessary. Then start windows normally. It should bluescreen again, but not reboot mid way through.)