• poor fog mobile… I searched for a computer in tasks area and all I got was a massive listing of every task that computer’s ever been in…

    Can FOG Mobile be updated?

  • Right now the mobile page does not have a request desktop site. Some of this is because you can create a user who can only login using the mobile interface. I have found and fixed the issues described in the thread. The task page on mobile should not be a searching tool as it is designed to really only display the active tasks and allow you to force or cancel the task. I’ve also made the host page only display the search field rather than always say there are no results when you first look at it.

  • FYI I searched with just part of the host name. I easily remember a computers room number that I’m working on - and I knew it was the only one in that room I’m imaging.

    So I search for the room number and BOOM Every snapin and every image deployment to 26 machines shows up. lol

    Also the “Home” area doesn’t even do anything.