UNSOLVED Small Image taking up Big space.

  • Hello all.
    I’m 2 weeks into my Linux and FOG adventure, and i’m really digging it. (The amount of potential time we are going to save with imaging is staggering.) I’ve got everything up and running, uploaded my first image then pushed it down successfully. Here is the snag I’ve hit:

    The image “on the client” is 37.84GiB. When pushed to the client, its showing 81.5GiB used.

    Here are the hard details.
    FOG running on its own server. Ubuntu Server 14.04.
    FOG version 1.2.0
    Image was created on HP EliteDesk 800 G1 with Win7 Professional 64bit.
    Image is being pushed to HP ZBook

    Here is how i created the image:
    Installed everything to one partition.
    Installed Win 7, Office 2010, Adobe reader, Chrome, Firefox, Silverlight, Defraggler.
    Updated all applications.
    Ran Defraggler.
    Installed no drivers so the image could be deployed to any client config.
    Uploaded the image to FOG server as Win 7, Single Disk - Resizable.

    Result: Image size on Client 37.84GiB. Image on size Server 16.88GiB.

    When downloaded to the Zbook, the image balloons and eats up 81.5GiB. From what i understand, FOG is supposed to ignore unused space. Even if it wasn’t, the math doesn’t add up. The host machine it was created on is only using 37GiB of its single partition. hmmm.

    Any ideas, ladies and gents? 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  • Developer

    does that computer have 32 gigs of ram, by chance?
    by default, i believe windows creates a pagefile equal in size to the amount of ram in the computer.
    btw, fog automatically deletes the pagefile and hibernate files before uploading the image to the server, since they will automatically be recreated and they consume a lot of wasted space.

  • Hey guys.
    I figured out what the problem was. Thanks to people that recommended WinDirStat…i found the page file was the culprit.

    Source machine: pagefile.sys = 57.1% = 7.9GB
    Destination machine: pagefile.sys = 57.1% = 31.7GB

    So i guess, turn off paging on the machine that you’re creating your master image on, then turn it back on for the destination computers?

  • @Junkhacker

    I will give WinDirStat a try. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • @Hatch said:

    Just for my own clarification: On the system that i am wanting to apply the image to, i do not need to partition it. It can be unallocated when i start downloading the image to machine, correct?

    Depends - there’s been issues with imaging to absolutely-blank drives in the past. It might be something to ask the @Developers about. But as long as the drive has had something on it in the past, you’re good to go.

  • @Junkhacker said:

    a good tool for that would be WinDirStat

    I use that at work - it’s awesome.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Will do, sir.

    Just for my own clarification: On the system that i am wanting to apply the image to, i do not need to partition it. It can be unallocated when i start downloading the image to machine, correct?

  • Developer

    a good tool for that would be WinDirStat

  • @Hatch Why not look into both of these drives (the source and the destination) and compare? See where the space went, and then let us know what you find?

  • Let me try and clarify.

    Here is the drive i created the image of.

    So that makes sense that the Image is 37.84GiB.

    Here is what happens when i install the image on another computer.

    Why is my “used space” over doubling?

    Sorry if i wasn’t clear, previously. I appreciate the help.

  • I’m not understanding.

    What is using 81 gigs? It’s USING 81 gigs? or the drive size is 81Gigs?

  • Developer

    @Hatch i can’t think of many instances where i woudn’t want to use the re-sizeabe option. non-resizeable will keep the partitions the same size and won’t fill out the partitions to the full capacity of the drive if there’s more space.

  • aaaaaah…okay.
    Then in this instance, i would want to use a “non-re sizable” option. Correct? That should solve this issue?

    Out of curiosity, under what circumstance would i choose to use the “re sizable” option?

  • Developer

    and it is windows that is giving you both those numbers? the 37.84 and 81.5 ?

  • Thank you for the quick reply.
    When i browse to the local drive, on the Zbook that i downloaded the image to, its showing 81.5GiB being used on the drive.

    So i created the image on the EliteDesk which only had 37.84 GiB of data on it.
    Then i download the image to another computer, and for some reason its using 81.5GiB of the drive. So basically…a 37.84GiB image, when applied to another computer is resulting in 81.5GiB of drive space consumed.

    Did that help clarify?

  • Resizable images always take up the space that’s available.

    That’s it.

  • Developer

    ok, so your fog server is telling you the “Image size on Client 37.84GiB. Image on size Server 16.88GiB” bit, but what exactly is telling you the 81.5GiB part?

  • I forgot to add that right before i uploaded the image, the last thing i did was run sysprep. Important step i forgot to mention.